Outcast Reboot HD – Kickstarter-Update #3

Das Team von Fresh3d hat die dritte Update zur Outcast Reboot HD Kickstarter-Kampagne veröffentlicht. Demnach werden am 14. April 2014 neue Details zum kommenden Remake veröffentlicht, um das Interesse an der Kickstarter-Kampagne zu verstärken. So wird es unter anderem ein neues Video geben, das neue Gameplay-Szenen zeigen wird.

Ein weiteres Thema der Update #3 ist die künstliche Intelligenz der Gegner:

“Outcast features very advanced AI for its NPC. It is based upon a system of concurrent jobs working in parallel on a single NPC. Each job has sensors, goals and resource allocation needs. For instance if a job requires a character to move to a particular location, it will ‘lock’ the legs and use that resource by asking the locomotion system to play a walk animation. Then another job could receive an information from a sensor hearing noise and require the system to orient the head to check for potential danger. If there’s real danger, another agent may take over the legs resource to play a running animation to move away from the danger source. In this small animated Gif, you can see some fishermen quitting their routine and fleeing as Cutter is engaging a combat with soldiers. This complex AI system provides NPC with emerging behaviors that are not hard-coded unlike those found in many games even today. In Outcast Reboot HD, the animation system will be replaced by a modern one to provide even more convincing behaviors.”


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