Outcast Reboot HD – Neue Ingame-Screenshots

Das Team von Fresh3D arbeitet derzeit mit Hochdruck an einem Video, das neue Ingame-Szenen enthalten soll. Um die Wartezeit bis dahin zu verkürzen, wurden nun neue Gameplay-Screenshots aus Outcast Reboot HD veröffentlicht. Ein Screenshot zeigt den Helden Cutter Slade mit einigen Twon-Ha. Die anderen beiden Bilder zeigen das originale Outcast von 1999 und Outcast Reboot HD.

Die Screenshots stammen aus einer Prototyp-Fassung und zeigen somit auch keine finalen Charaktermodelle. Diese sollen zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt integriert werden. 

It’s worth to notice that, for now, all the characters are using the original 3d models. These 3d models are converted at load time from the original assets. To do this, actually, we have integrated FreshEngine into the original source code and plan to replace or improve each relevant subsystems. As an example, the character controller and the related animations will be completely redone to interact smoothly with the environment by developing smarter controller which take in account the environment to  the constraints and physics system. We generally want to rely more on procedural animations instead of relying too much on predefined animations. Hopefully this should greatly improve the old Cutter’s locomotion! 🙂

Having integrated the original source code allows us to start working quicker on a functional gameplay version instead of restarting from scratch and taking the risk to loose the essence of the game, which is a big risk given the size of the project.

Obviously in the production phase, each of these characters will be replaced with highly detailed 3d models, more bones, detailed textures and dedicated shaders.

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